Rafael Cordero

Raf tripped over a SmallWorld box about 3 years ago and fell face first into a pile of Netrunner cards. He discovered a world of cardboard and plastic that he hasn't had any desire to leave yet. When he isn't gaming, he's hanging out with his wife and newborn son in the vast suburbs of Chicago. His other hobbies include homebrewing and watching his Blue Devils play kicky throwy and shooty hoops sports games. His favorite games are Suburbia, A Distant Plain, and StarCraft the boardgame. You can find him on Twitter, Reddit, and BoardgameGeek as captainraffi.

Charlie Theel

Rocking the tabletop for nearly 20 years, Charlie's run the gamut of D&D; to Indie RPGs to board games.  Firmly a board gamer for the last decade, he's now an established reviewer writing for Miniature Market's Review Corner, 2d6.org, and Fortress Ameritrash.  He's also the designer of the western shoot 'em up card game A Fistful Of Dinero.  When not trash talking and getting beat down at the table, he's spending time with his family or working as a software developer.  Some of his favorite games include Cave Evil, Earth Reborn, Eclipse, and StarCraft. 

Calvin Wong

Calvin has been writing for most of his life and has loved gaming for all of it. As a writer and writing teacher to small children, he loves games where strong narrative emerges from elegant systems, with his Throne of Three built from Twilight Imperium, Netrunner, and Android. He is constantly thinking about stories and storytelling in games, screen, and stage. A complete sucker for cute robots, he does a very mean Baymax impression.

You can find him on Reddit and BGG as sigma83 and on Twitter @ithayla.